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Giancarlo Polenghi, since 1976, choses its fruits from the best lemon plantations to offer a natural and high quality product, bonded to history and tradition of its land.

“Giancarlo Polenghi” is an italian family company, it exports in over 70 countries, serving the 20 biggest retailers worldwide and it's one of the best examples of italian excellence in the world.

Giancarlo Polenghi wants to impart the values that inspired his success, not only to his partners but also to the consumer, who finds in Polenghi's products the quality that the firm promises.

Polenghi is a firm in stable developement. Every year in the italian establishment are squeezed more then 535 million lemons.


Via Giovanni XXIII, 35
26865 S. Rocco al Porto (LO) – Italia

Tel: +39 (0) 377 569120

Fax: +39 (0) 377 569433

P.IVA IT03019740152

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Giancarlo Polenghi - Lemon specialists