Bio Bottle

Bio Bottle represents one of the biggest achievements for “Giancarlo Polenghi”.
The biggest value of this product is, without any doubt, the innovation used in the creation of the completely biodegradable bottle, studied by “Polenghi's Research and Developement” department and realised by the interior division “Packaging”.

Green culture

The ethical and responsible approach of the firm, bring to the developement of energetic strategies which have a low ambiental impact, to guarantee a “natural” work respecting the Earth.
Giancarlo Polenghi himself aims to impart this green culture to the firm since 2008, when the first photovoltaic plant was installed.

“Giancarlo Polenghi” has always cultivated relationships directed to co-operation and social support.
Polenghi family, inspired by his values, thinks that giving to realities in need a concrete help is the most efficient way to support their growth and developement.

Value for the local area

Giancarlo Polenghi wants to give value to his original territory and because of this aim he tries to promote its developement.
Sports and its values are a fundamental feature to growth and formation of every human being in each phase of its life.
“Giancarlo Polenghi” takes on the social and educational commitment to promote and support some of the sports realities in its area.


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