In 1958, Giancarlo Polenghi, after many years of experience in the commercial field, acquired and managed "Burrificio Ramelli" in Terranova dei Passerini (Lodi). Thanks to business skills, a solid company structure and a sophisticated processing department, success was immediate - producing and packaging butter distributed to local and regional shops. This help mature experience and contacts with the leading exponents of the food market.


1965 was the year of a new challenge: the spice sector, with the creation of "Aromatic" in Santo Stefano Lodigiano, Giancarlo Polenghi's beloved homeland. The experience already gained and sales skills immediately saw the company achieve high levels, distributing spices all over Italy but especially abroad. New business connections and new markets: success for Giancarlo Polenghi began with great satisfaction.


In 1976, Giancarlo Polenghi gave life to a brilliant and well-chosen market insight: produce and market lemon juice in plastic and glass packaging. This saw the creation of the first factory in Colturano (Milan) for processing citrus fruits, exclusively selected in the Conca d'Oro area of Palermo. In just a few years, the product conceived and promoted by Giancarlo Polenghi came to the fore on the Italian market and then went of to conquer Europe. Polenghi lemon juice was an immediate success.


Polenghi expanded its markets as far afield as the United States and the Middle East. 1983 was the year of the transfer to San Rocco al Porto (Lodi), still one of the current locations, as home to the in-house blowing division, thereby allowing direct production of all plastic bottles. In 1987, the company implemented its first diversification by producing condiments and aromatic oils. 1990 was the year when the European market was completely covered.


1992 saw the second company diversification with Coltivia, the French study and production centre for food in aerosols, with new techniques for packaging and bacteriological anti-contamination. Coltivia became the French Division of Polenghi. At the end of the 1990s, Marco Polenghi joined his father in top management of the Group, developing new marketing strategies. Immediate success for Polenghi lemon juice in the Far East.


In 2002, the third business diversification involved Meroso, a well-known Belgian company, focusing efforts on the production of fine Belgian chocolate and chocolate truffles. 2003 saw entry into the Chinese market with immediate sales success. 2004 welcomed the company's fourth diversification project with the production of dosette, an innovative system culminating in "the first free-standing single-portion system in the world" made of flexible material.


In 2005, thanks to an ambitious company redevelopment project, the first industrial expansion was implemented for the Italian factory with the construction of a new building. In 2006, the fifth business diversification saw the market launch of lemon and citrus sorbets. 2010 was an excellent year for innovation: the study and development of the Bio Bottle - organic lemon juice in a fully biodegradable bottle made from maize.


In 2011 Polenghi confirmed its status as the lemon specialist by creating the "Lemon Garden" range - a broad and exclusive selection of craftsmanship products made with lemons from the splendid Sicilian gardens. Polenghi has implemented and pursues a strong emphasis on "green" topics and renewable energy, staying in the forefront of technology in these areas. 2012 was the year of the second industrial expansion at the Italian headquarters, now having an area of 9,000 sqm.


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