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The production chain

Since more then 40 years the figure of Mr. Giancarlo Polenghi represents knowledge, experience and reliability.
It's him that, since 1976, choses raw materials, visits lemon fields, looks for the quality of the fruits, controls planting, harvesting and squeezing.
He supervises the arrival of raw materials and follows the entire transformation step-by-step.
In production lines there's his control to guarantee a quality product that satisfies client's requests.

Polenghi's warranty

“Giancarlo Polenghi” is synonymous of innovation, research and quality.
The aim is to create original products, paying attention to industrial process and conservation of a high quality standard.
Acti Lemon is, without any doubt, the product that best represents the values of research, innovation and quality.
Pure Sicily lemon juice in a comfortable mono-portion, planned for the daily use in a completely natural way.

The secrets of lemon

Lemon has Asian origins and arrived in the West around the year 1000 to be immediately used for two purposes: decorative and therapeutic. It was used in cooking only later on.

The climate has a considerable impact on growing lemons: temperature, rainfall, atmospheric humidity and winds can all be vital factors, especially in certain periods such as between flowering and ripening of the fruit. In Italy, Sicily is precisely the location where the favourable climate allows this citrus fruit to be grown, particularly Femminello Comune cultivar

The lemon tree is the only one which re-flowers with 5 annual blooms providing 5 fruit harvests. Qualitatively, the first bloom is the most important, and these lemons are picked from October to March. The first lemons to ripen are known as "primofiore" (first flower) and are the most popular on the market, followed by "verdelli" (greeny) that ripen in the summer of the following year.


Lemon is not only a marvellous ingredient for foods and drinks, but also has remarkable properties:

• promotes bowel activity
• combats respiratory ailments thanks to its high content of Vitamin C
• lowers cholesterol
• benefits teeth, skin and hair
• detoxifies


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